11-year old Kids get Smoke Breaks at school!

11-year old Kids get Smoke Breaks at school!

Yes, you read correctly. A British school for problem children allowed (till recently) children of as young as 11 years to smoke on the school premises at set times. Good grief, what were they thinking?

stop smoking,quit smoking(Ironically, teachers at the specific school who smoke have to leave the premises in order to do so)

It was all over the UK press at the time – The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, and even Sky News…

Fair enough, the children in question are some of the country’s most difficult kids, and the school management probably deemed smoking to be “a lesser evil”. But what were they thinking?

It seems they gave little thought to the long term consequences…

On the one hand, early addiction to nicotine can often serve as a “bridge” to other illegal substances – which makes sense, since the person using it is obviously not responding to common sense. If he or she can get away with smoking, why not try something “better” further down the line?

On the other hand, it is a proven medical fact that smoking before the brain has matured (at around 18 years of age) will hamper the brain’s development, placing a limit on its capacity…

These kids are already struggling with behavioural problems – limiting their mental capacity, and especially doing so (smoking) from a very early age, is definitely not going to help them to reason sensibly when they grow older…

What makes it even more scary, is the fact that children are not supposed to be able to buy cigarettes…

In other words, they got them from an adult – who is supposed to be responsible (not necessarily their parents).

Of course, there is also the question of the funding – who supplies the money for doing so? If these kids just stole to fund their smoking habit, they would have ended up in juvenile prison or reform school. As such, it is safe to assume that – in some cases at least – the money comes from a family member.

And it’s not just over in the UK:

While it is officially against any school’s rules for their learners to smoke, it has become commonplace to see learners smoking in public – often even in their school uniforms…

It seems some parents just don’t care any more. But then again, if they smoke themselves, it is rather difficult to justify that to a bullet-proof teenager.

Can YOUR kids use your behaviour as an excuse for their own?

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