Fibre Shake Caps are now Fibre-Quit Caps

fibre shake caps,fibre shake capsules

The previous packaging and branding of the product – Fibre Shake Caps

Fibre Shake, Fibre Shake Caps, and Fibre-Quit Caps are different presentations of our proven “stop smoking” product, offered under different names at different time periods. Please Click Here to read more about the product in its current presentation, or read more on its history below:

In 1999, Fibre Shake was launched. In the early days, this natural “stop smoking” product was packaged as a “shake”, hence the name.

While the product was successful, and helped thousands of people to quit smoking successfully, many people found the “shake” impractical. These included people who worked outside or on the road, or even people who couldn’t leave their job posts to go and prepare the shake.

As such, in 2007, the product was re-packaged, and offered in capsule form. This made it easier to consume, and made it accessible to many more people than before. Due to the fact that the active ingredients were essentially the same as those of the original “shake”, the product name was simply amended to become “Fibre Shake Caps”.

This was also done to prevent confusion among people who would still come across advertisements for the original Fibre Shake product in old magazines.

stop smoking, quit smoking, fibre-quit caps,natural,safe

The current packaging and branding of the product – Fibre-Quit Caps

Eventually, however, it became apparent that the name “Fibre Shake Caps” have become irrelevant. As such, the product was re-named as “Fibre-Quit Caps” to be more descriptive about it function.

It is still the exact same product content as formulated in 2007, and it is (chemically) much the same as the original “shake” version.

Please Click Here to read more about the product, and how it can help you to quit smoking.