New tobacco law wants to limit smoking to your home

New tobacco law wants to limit smoking to your home

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, it’s not fake news. If the government has its way, it will have the right to limit your smoking to your own home.

Agreed, it’s not practical, but the way the new tobacco control law is drawn up, that’s how it looks.

It’s called the Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill – and it is (officially) aimed at better regulating the industry.

You can read the details here if you like:

Unfortunately, it seems that the bill will eventually regulate much more than just the industry – it will create an impossible situation for smokers too.

Note: The government aims to regulate the selling and use of vaping products too – so vaping is not “a back door” option any more. It appears that much of the restrictions that apply to smoking cigarettes will also apply to the use of vaping products.

And the worst part?

They want to push the bill through parliament before year end. Or rather, before the parliamentary year ends – which is just before the holiday season starts.

The bill makes provision for a total ban of smoking in public places (from restaurants and pubs right up to open public spaces). From the way it is worded, it appears that government will have the authority to apply a “blanket ban” on smoking in public places.

That would effectively force people to only smoke at home – and nowhere else.

Yes, it is likely that it will all end up in court – but given the failures of the tobacco industry to stop the government in the past, what chance will they stand this time? it seems the government always wins.

The big question, however, is…

where does that leave YOU?

If the bill is pushed through the way the government wants to do it, many nicotine addicts will be unable to leave their homes to go and dine out or even for a family day out.

Because they won’t be able to stay with out a smoke for that long.

At this stage it isn’t clear whether smoking areas at work will still be allowed. It was bad enough (for non-smokers and employers) when they have to wait for smokers to go to the designated area, smoke and come back, but…

Can you imagine if smoking areas at work are taken away? The smokers will be grumpy all day long, because it will be terrible for them to be without a smoke for so long. It is likely to affect their morale, relationships in the workplace, and productivity.

It’s a scary thought.

It seems the only way to get around it is to…

  1. Become a recluse (and never leave your home), or
  2. Quit smoking.

Number 2 may be the more practical option. Not doing so seems set to make life very, very difficult for smokers.

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