Fibre-Quit Capsules

Fibre-Quit Capsules

Fibre Shake Capsules kit simply gives your body what it needs – without giving it what it wants (nicotine). Instead of going through a terrible ordeal as you would expect, it places YOU in control. No need to rely on anything else like eating or over-indulging in sweets.


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So why can Fibre-Quit help you to escape Nicotine Addiction?

  1. It WORKS. It has a proven track record since 1999, with a success rate of 98%. CLICK HERE to read about some of our happy customers.
  2. It is convenient. Originally it was a “shake” – hence the original name “Fibre Shake”, but now you can take it on the go.
  3. There is no need to deal with additional stress or indulge in eating – so it is unlikely that you will pick up any weight after you quit cigarettes (some of our clients have actually reported LOSING weight…)
  4. No need to have an iron will – the Fibre-Quit Capsules Formula will provide your body what it needs to cope, removing any physical and psychological pressure you would normally experience.
  5. It can save you a lot more money than it costs. Have you ever calculated the annual cost of not being able to escape nicotine addiction?