Smoking Leads to Bad Math

Smoking Leads to Bad Math

Yes, smoking makes for some pretty bad math – not just statistics, but actual math. And when you do the math, a lot of it simply doesn’t add up, so you have to go figure where the mistake was made…

Firstly, let’s look at the math around deaths caused by cigarettes. According to the World Health Organisation, roughly one in every six people smoke. However, one out of every FIVE deaths are caused by smoking. Now keep in mind that the average smoker has the “instantaneous response” of

“it’s MY health, and my choice”

If that were true, the math would look different, wouldn’t it?

Then… There is the matter of how much it costs to smoke. A smoker will (usually red-faced) admit to the annual cost of buying cigarettes.

Yeah, right. But he or she will conveniently refrain from calculating the real cost – including health costs, clothing and furniture that is affected by the smoke, the additional costs of health- and life insurance, car insurance, depreciation in house value, fewer chances of landing a top job (statistically), higher cleaning costs (clothes, car and home), etc.

If you want to read about the REAL math behind NOT quitting smoking, you can click here to read the full blog post. And then there is the little matter of smokers thinking that it only affects their health – while in fact it affects the time they have left to live… It has been statistically proven that smoking a cigarette reduces your expected life span by roughly 10 minutes. So all in all, it appears that smoking affects the brain, and that it really affects the smoker’s ability to reason and do math… Because it simply does NOT add up. The math does not make sense.

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