Your Unborn Baby and Passive Smoking

Your Unborn Baby and Passive Smoking

Your Unborn Baby and Passive Smoking

The effects of second hand smoke are well known, and have been proven time and time again. The scary statistics – including the effects upon unborn babies – are the reasons why a multitude of laws have been implemented to prevent smokers from lighting up in public places, and nowadays even in their own cars (whenever there is a child riding along).

stop smoking,quit smokingThere is, however, the expression about “what the eye doth not see…”

As such, many mothers-to-be fail to see the effects of passive smoking on their unborn babies. Sure, there are those who smoke and simply fail to acknowledge the harm they are doing to their babies, but there are also those who simply have to endure other people smoking around them…

Some of them have gotten used to it over time, and don’t even register the alarm bell that should be going off inside their minds.

Examples would include women who work in places where they are surrounded by men who smoke, and pubs and bars. Other women simply have to live with a smoking partner – and the unborn baby has to live with it, too…

The effects are devastating…

Babies suffering from passive smoking are more likely to be born in ill health, and have a lower birth weight. Many such infants suffer later on due to a reduced ability to acquire new skills. These infants are also much more likely to end up smoking later on in life. They also tend to be more prone to have problems with their ears, suffering from respiratory problems, and even suffer from regular fits of coughing.

But the worst…

Many of the babies who die at birth, do so due to respiratory problems…

Caused by constant or regular passive smoking.

According to the World Health Organisation, the number of infant deaths around the world directly attributed to passive smoking amounts to about 4,000 per year.

Every one of those mothers know that it’s about 4,000 too many.

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