7 Tips to Stay Motivated when you Stop Smoking

7 Tips to Stay Motivated when you Stop Smoking

When you stop smoking, the journey can be tough – depending on the method you chose. It is crucial that you stay motivated in order to be successful – but how?

Here are a few ideas:

stop smoking,quit smoking1. Be aware of what to expect, and steel yourself for it. For instance – some of your (still) smoking friends will offer you a cigarette – sometimes by mistake. Cravings will come and go – how long will depend on the method you chose to stop smoking, and how long you have been smoking for.

2. Seek out the company of someone positive. We all know someone who is really positive, and has a good outlook on life. Once you quit, make a point of seeing more of this person. Get a regular “lift” to pick up your mindset so that you can continue.

3. Envision the end goal – see yourself as a non-smoker somewhere in the future, and how your life will be so different from what it is right now. Think of being able to smell and taste more, have more money available, not have to inconvenience yourself, etc.

4. Put up motivational and inspirational messages throughout the house (and your workplace if you can) so you will see them everywhere. If you can’t do it at work, put a card in your shirt pocket with a few written on it – so you can take it out whenever you need to.

5. Count the elapsed time – because additional day that you are able hold out, is a day closer to freedom from nicotine addiction. Put up a decent size calendar where you can see it every day, and cross of the days that you have been “clean”. Every day that passes will be a motivation to put another cross up there.

6. Take the money you would normally spend, and place it in a transparent glass jar. Instead of buying cigarettes every day or every other day, take the money and place it in the jar. Whenever you feel like giving up, count the money in the jar. Do some math about how much it will be in a year from now.

7. Get your best smoking buddy to quit along with you. They say a burden shared is a burden halved, and a road travelled with someone else is only half as long. If you have a good friend who also smokes, get him or her to stop smoking as well, and you will be able to encourage each other along the way, and be twice as motivated when you are both reaching milestones.

If you let your mind go, you will find many more ideas to stay motivated when you stop smoking – it all depends on what works for you, and what motivates you. Dig deep in to your mind, and find the things that really matter – and use them to your advantage.

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