Are Smokers Suicidal Sado-Masochists?

Are Smokers Suicidal Sado-Masochists?

Yes, it is a mouthful – whether he/she wants to quit smoking or not. But there is a reason for that question, which becomes apparent when looking at the facts provided by the very scary statistics…

Let’s break it down:

stop smoking,quit smoking1. Masochists – it has been proven over and over again that indulging in the habit of smoking leads to a number of medical problems, some of which are life threatening. The average smoker causes him- or herself considerable discomfort – and even pain – as they grow older.

Since this is done deliberately, even though they know what is bound to happen, this indicates masochistic tendencies. I am not a psychologist, but the concept of deliberately doing self harm is obvious.

2. Sadists (the “Sado-” part) – Most smokers insist in keeping up their habits, regardless of what it may do to those around them. Sure, some are in denial about the dangers of second hand smoke, but any individual with a little common sense has to know that something which is not good for you, must be harmful to others if released back into the air.

The effects and dangers of second hand smoking has been researched and documented for many many years – so there is little doubt that many smokers know about the dangers, but care about them as little as they care about their own well being.

The practice of deliberately inflicting harm on others is known as sadism. Agreed?

3. Suicidal – it has been proven over and over again that habitual smoking takes years off your life. In fact, many researchers agree that every cigarette you smoke takes ten to eleven minutes (statistically proven) off your life.

Multiply that by how many cigarettes the person in question smokes every day, and do the math to see how much of their lives is lost per year of smoking.

Of course, most smokers will be in denial about this fact – even though (worldwide) someone dies every 8 seconds from a smoking related medical condition or -complication.

And most will deny the reality, even though 90% of lung cancer cases are due to smoking…

The practice of killing oneself, however slowly it may be, is known as suicide.

The fact that one may be in denial or delusional about it does not make it any less real.

The saddest part is that 70 percent of smokers really want to stop smoking – permanently…

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