Do You Smoke? Your Life is Worth $7000

Do You Smoke? Your Life is Worth $7000

Do You Smoke? Your Life is Worth $7000

Unbelievable? Maybe. Shocking? Definitely. But it was scientifically calculated and proven – if you smoke, your life is only worth about $7000. Don’t believe it? Read on…

The World Lung Foundation (WLF) gathered statistics from all over the world on numbers of people that smoke, and the number of people who died because of smoking-related illnesses and conditions.

stop smoking,quit smokingThey found that, while more and more people stop smoking in western countries, more and more people in China are starting – so the total number of smokers, year upon year, stayed roughly the same.

However, when calculating the amount of profits made per smoker, and the percentage of those smokers who die from smoking-related illnesses…

It came out that, for roughly every $7000 of profit the tobacco companies make, ONE PERSON DIES.

(if you like you can read the original article here: – the link will open in a new tab or window)

So – we finally have a definite mathematical number for the value of the life of one human being.


Yes, people are killed for less than that. But this is LEGAL.


Are you cheap and easy?

Keep smoking.

Do you feel your life is worth more?


It’s as simple as that.

P.S. You may also want to consider the value of your life as seen by your loved ones. YOU might think that $7000 is an okay figure, but to them you might be worth infinitely more.

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