Electronic Cigarettes – the Answer or not?

Electronic Cigarettes – the Answer or not?

To many people, the concept of electronic cigarettes (as opposed to quitting smoking) seems like the ideal solution. After all, they are virtually odourless and convenient. But is it really the answer?

stop smoking,quit smokingGranted – there is an element of convenience involved, since it can be used virtually anywhere without complaints. Your clothes, car and home won’t smell quite as bad if you use these, rather than conventional tobacco products.

Most people doing the switch, however, find that they don’t really save that much – thanks to the higher cost of the unit, as well as batteries and cartridges that have to be replaced regularly. Since these expenses are usually some time apart, most people don’t add them up, but the total adds up.

But there is one more snag…

You see, e-cigarettes simply use a different means of adding nicotine to your system. Instead of burning tobacco, the contents are electronically heated.

As such, you are still getting nicotine into your system – just in a different way.

You are still being controlled…

All you do if you switch to an electronic cigarette is to change the source of your nicotine. Yes, it does have some advantages over smoking regular cigarettes, and it also has some advantages over quitting cold turkey. It also eliminates – for those around you – the health issues of second hand smoke.

But at the end of the day, you are still dependent on a substance. You are still not in control of your own life. You are still an addict.

You have just found a more convenient way to administer nicotine to your system.

You simply cannot compare it to being totally free from nicotine…

So – take your life back.

It’s Yours.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

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