Smoking and Mental Health – the Scary Facts

Smoking and Mental Health – the Scary Facts

When people think about quitting smoking, most of them consider their physical health, costs and inconveniences. But now science has revealed a scary link between your mental health and smoking…

stop smoking,quit smokingThe London University College did research on 6,500 people – both smokers and non-smokers – over the age of 40. The research team was led by Robert West, a professor in health psychology. What they found was rather unsettling, to say the least…

Out of this group of people:

18.3% of the smokers were experiencing problems with depression and/or anxiety.

Only 11.3% of those who used to smoke were experiencing similar problems.

And only 10% of the non-smokers experienced similar problems.

That means that smokers are 80% more likely to experience feelings of depression and/or anxiety than non-smokers, and 70% more likely than ex-smokers.

Yes, when you light up a cigarette you tend to relax a bit. But the stress and/or anxiety you experience is brought on by your nicotine dependency.

The relief is TEMPORARY. While you do feel better upon lighting up your cigarette, the chemical processes in the background are already setting setting the stage for more stress, anxiety and/or depression – which, while it will drive you to smoke again, cannot be kept under control or eliminated by smoking.


You may feel your body is relatively healthy even though you do smoke, but…

What is it doing to your mind?

Think carefully. Since smoking contributes to feelings of anxiety and/or depression, how will it affect your relationships with your family and colleagues?

You may experience some anxiety when you want to quit smoking – but that is also temporary.

The benefits of quitting (physical, mental, economic and lifestyle) will be yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Your life.

Your choice.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

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