Smoking and Religion – ANY religion

Smoking and Religion – ANY religion

Are you a religious, but smoking person? Regardless of which religion you choose to practice, you may want to do some reflection, and pour some thought into the matter…

stop smoking,quit smokingFor now, let us step away from the assumption that every reader here would be a Christian, and take a generic look at the facts around health – and whether you may want to quit smoking:

In any religion, the human body is considered to be something special. In some religions, it is believed to be a dwelling place or temple to the Divine (whatever name He goes by in your belief). In others, it is believed that a measure of purity has to be attained in body and spirit before you can connect with the Divine.

In many religions people go to extreme lengths to purify their bodies in order to attain a better connection with the Divine.

Now you have to ask yourself:

How seriously do you take your religion?

If you do not really take your religion seriously, stop reading. If you do, read on.

In any religion, you will find specific references to “not polluting the body”. In other words, regardless of your personal beliefs, you will already have come across references to maintaining a clean and healthy body – if you took the time to read the scriptures offered by your religious institution.


How can you say that you love and respect the Divine if you willingly, repeatedly go against His clear instructions?

(granted, there are many passages in any religious script that will leave much room for personal interpretation – but usually the instructions pertaining to maintaining a clean and healthy body are quite clear).

On the other hand, if you say that you can’t quit smoking, how much does that say about your faith? Does it mean that you refuse to believe that He will put someone on your way who can help you?

Or have you simply given up, and accepted that He will never intervene in your life to make a change for the better?

Think about it. Seriously. It is a big issue if you take your religious beliefs seriously.

Your life…

Your beliefs…

Your choice

Are you ready to quit smoking?

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