Stop Smoking Before Age 40 – and Reap the Rewards

Stop Smoking Before Age 40 – and Reap the Rewards

While it is never too late to stop smoking, those doing so before age 40 can experience some unexpected health benefits, according to a research team from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

stop smoking,quit smokingThe research team at the hospital found that smokers who get their act together and stop smoking before they reach age 40, are usually able to re-establish their life expectancy, placing it back on par with that of non-smokers.

Dr. Prabhat Jha – the leader of the research team, who was interviewed by CTV, stated “The most important message is that quitting works”.

According to their research, people who escape nicotine addiction at an early age – before they reach age 40, are usually able to reduce the health risks brought about by long term smoking by up to ninety percent.

The research project focused on data from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey, as well as information obtained from the National Death Index. Given the huge numbers of possible candidates, the final group was reduced to 16,000 people, all of which reported having smoked previously, but who have given up the habit at some time before their death.

From the research it became apparent that those who gave up cigarettes at an earlier age tended to have an average life expectancy of about nine years more than those who kept on smoking.

This does not mean that it is “ok to keep consuming tobacco until you are 35 or 40” – merely that if you do smoke, it is much more beneficial to quit at a younger age, rather than wait until lots of damage has already been done to your system, or medical problems start surfacing, before quitting.

Dr Jha is a respected government advisor – internationally – on the subject of disease control.

Lastly – various studies have proven that smoking is the number one cause of “preventable deaths” in North America – meaning that habitual tobacco consumption is the leading (unnecessary) cause of conditions leading to deaths which could have been prevented…

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