Will this class action lawsuit destroy cigarette companies?

Will this class action lawsuit destroy cigarette companies?

In Quebec, Canada, a huge class action lawsuit seems set to destroy three big cigarette companies – they are sued for 27 BILLION Dollars – and they might just have to pay up this time…


stop smoking,quit smokingBecause an internal memo was found – and accepted as evidence by the court – proving that the tobacco companies KNEW that smoking was addictive and lethal long before they admitted it to the public.

It appears that this information was already in writing by 1986 – put on paper by a former marketing research director for Imperial Tobacco, Bob Bexon. He explicitly stated that, if it were not for the addictive properties of nicotine, their product sales would plummet.


The big tobacco companies PUBLICLY DENIED this fact repeatedly until June 2000, when they admitted it to a Senate committee.

As such, they deliberately misinformed the public about the health hazards of smoking – just to keep their profits going. If they spoke out any sooner, they would have risked huge financial losses…

Consider the shock this disclosure would convey to the public at the time (1986). By 2000, cancer was not such a big scare as it used to be in the 80’s any more (due to medical advances), effectively minimising the impact of the announcement.

The lawyer’s argument:

If the people who started smoking during that period knew about the real risks involved, many of them would not have started at all…

But by the time they found out, they were addicted.

If this case – which is expected to last for a few years – turns against the tobacco giants, it could seriously impact the world as we know it. Hopefully for the better.


The bottom line is this:

They KNEW about the dangers, and kept quiet about it for as long as possible, risking smokers’ lives – for their own financial gain.

That’s low.

You can read in more detail about it here:



If the cigarette companies LOSE, that would open the floodgates for other lawsuits, which would base their cases upon this test case. Considering the amounts of money involved, it will probably destroy the big tobacco companies who are currently controlling the market.

Keep in mind the figure of 27 BILLION Dollars is ONLY for the city of Quebec in Canada…

Can you imagine if the rest of the world goes after them as well?

But after what they did to unsuspecting customers, they deserve it, don’t you think?

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