Would You File for Divorce if Your Partner Smokes?

Would You File for Divorce if Your Partner Smokes?

Would You File for Divorce if Your Partner Smokes?

Not many non-smokers might have thought of it that way, but a Saudi Arabian court recently ruled that “smoking provides grounds for divorce”….

Saudi Arabia is cracking down on tobacco smokers, forcing a ban on smoking in public places and government buildings. But it goes further than that…

A Saudi judge came to the following ruling:

stop smoking,quit smokingWomen who were found to suffer because of their husbands’ tobacco addiction would be able to take legal action against them. In fact, the ruling specified that the final step in these proceedings would be divorce.

The reasoning is that if any woman should find that her husband’s smoking (and the effect of the second hand smoke) leads to her developing allergies or other health problems, she has the right to file for divorce on the grounds that he is not looking after her best interests – as is he is required to do, according to their religious beliefs.

Considering the fact that smoking has been linked to cancer, birth defects, emphysema and a host of other problems, the ruling makes sense. After all, which woman in her right mind would intentionally expose her unborn child to possible birth defects?

Which brings us to the next question:

Although there is no specific law in South Africa (that I know of) to warrant divorce on the grounds of a smoking partner, we can only wonder what the effect would be if it had been in place.

How many women would leave their husbands because they felt he was endangering their health, or the health of their children?

On the other hand…

How many smoking mothers would be vulnerable to losing their children because they were physically endangering the health of the little ones?

Which brings me to the last question:

How much are YOU willing to endure, or let your loved ones endure, because of a smoking husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend?

How much of your life, or the lives of your children, are you willing to sacrifice to keep your relationship going?

On the other side of the coin, however…

If you are the smoker, would you be willing willing to sacrifice your relationship just to be able to hang on to a cigarette?

Tough questions. Your choice.

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